Hilarious new Overwatch glitch is literally turning heroes into doors

Overwatch dexerto

While the Overwatch community anxiously awaits the release of the game’s sequel, the state of the first title seems to be deteriorating in hilarious ways. The latest, funnily enough, is seeing heroes being transformed into doors, for honestly no reason at all.

Overwatch is currently in the midst of the annual Summer Games event meaning that plenty of players will be returning for new cosmetics and of course, Lucioball too. As more and more games are being played in the latest update, however, more and more problems are being uncovered.

Whether it’s Mei’s wall flying off the map, Torbjorn’s turret outright disappearing, or B.O.B actually coming in handy, things have been a little off. While some of these issues are certainly game-breaking, others can just be laughed off in the midst of a round.


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