Blizzard releases an 'Overwatch' soundtrack that covers all 21 maps

Overwatch engadget

Rich, orchestral music is one of the hallmarks of Overwatch, and you can now listen to more of it outside of the game whenever you like. Blizzard has released a soundtrack album called Overwatch: Cities And Countries, which includes tunes linked to all of the core maps.

Every time you load into a match, you hear a small snippet of music that evokes the setting of the battlefield on which you’re about to play. The album is made up of full-length versions of those, with tracks for each of the 21 main maps, as well as a couple of the deathmatch arenas. The maps are set all over the world (and, in one case, on the moon), so there’s a big variety of local flavors. The jaunty, guitar-driven “Route 66” piece and the Mediterranean vibes of “Ilios” are personal favorites.



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