Brutal Overwatch glitch lets Tracer recall into the payload

Overwatch dexerto

The Overwatch payload can be one of the most dynamic objects in the game for both attackers and defenders. It provides cover, heals up the attacking team, and as it turns out, can be used as a mobile home for Tracer players.

During a match on Eichenwalde, console player 'schwol' was zipping around trying to get the payload to point B so his team could enter the castle.

After his Zarya confronted the respawning adversaries, the player blinked ahead and came face-to-face with an enemy Reinhardt, Mercy, Hanzo and McCree.

Sensing the situation was dire, the Tracer was forced to use Recall to get out of the predicament, but found himself in an even worse position, seemingly trapped in the payload.


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