Brigitte nerfs, competitive mode changes: Overwatch June 30 patch notes

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Overwatch’s newest patch, which hit the live servers on June 30, may encourage you to buy your favorite Brigitte main a big mug of tea. Big nerfs were teased for the shield-wielding support in the latest Experimental Card and they’ve all reached the live servers as of today.

Ashe received a sizable Dynamite adjustment while D.Va and Junkrat got a few minor buffs. High-ranked competitive mode players will also notice a few adjustments in the upcoming season of play. 

A massive change will be coming to the competitive mode when season 23 begins on July 3. After completing placements, the highest initial skill rating (SR) a player will be able to achieve is 3,900. This effectively places all top players in the Masters competitive tier at the start of the season.


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