Could a leaked Overwatch audio clip confirm Echo as Hero 32?

Overwatch dexerto

Soldier: 76’s Brazilian voice actor may have just accidentally confirmed Echo as the next hero in Overwatch while sharing a video of him recording voice lines online with his fans.

As Blizzard begins teasing the next addition to the Overwatch cast of characters, one of Soldier: 76’s global voice actors may have accidentally leaked new information that points to Echo being the latest hero.

Translated from English into a wide array of languages around the world, it appears Blizzard has been recording a number of Brazillian voice lines for Overwatch of late and the local Soldier: 76 could have just confirmed the next hero.

Sharing a seemingly innocent clip to his Facebook page, José Augusto Sendim recently visited a recording studio to continue his work on Blizzard’s hero shooter.


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