Overwatch cover of Pokemon theme on Paris pianos is absolutely wild

Overwatch dexerto

One Overwatch player has managed to make a Workshop mode that uses bots to play piano on Paris, and they showed off its capabilities with a little music from Pokémon Red and Blue.

Shortly after Paris was added to the game in early 2019, players discovered the pianos located across the map were 100% playable.

Since then some players have even built Workshop modes and even bots focused on playing even more intricate songs on the in-game instruments.

But a recent clip from Reddit user Wengzan may take the prize as the most impressive Overwatch musical performance we've ever seen.

"I made a workshop gamemode that plays songs on the Paris piano with dummy bots," Wengzan explained. "With it, I wrote a program that can convert MIDI files into arrays that the gamemode can read."



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