Kaplan reveals fate of separate Overwatch queues for main and off-tanks

Overwatch dexerto

Jeff Kaplan has weighed in on some player-requested changes to Overwatch’s role queue, including dividing tank queues into main tank and off-tank, in an attempt to improve matchmaking as a whole.

Overwatch’s role queue has helped fix the game into a more stable 2-2-2 formation, giving the meta a few more constraints to grow in. While it’s taken away some of the more wacky combos, role queue has made ranked play a bit more bearable without having to fight for your position.

One exception to that is tanks. While there’s one uniform queue for the role, there’s two types of tanks ⁠— main and off-tanks. Players have long requested the queue be split into two to ensure every player is getting the role they want.


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