Two Overwatch League pros provide meta tips — and how to take down Mei

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Overwatch is over three years old but, despite some new heroes and a changing meta, the basic concepts for “how to win" remain the same. The game requires teamwork, communication and a deep-seated fear of the weather-altering climatologist named Mei.

There’s a lot to worry about with Mei, Wilmot said. Her ice wall can split a team, separating “squishy” characters from the tanks and healers. You might take on Mei one-v-one to only see her escape death, encased in ice. Mei’s pet drone can even wrap your entire team in a blizzard, setting you up as easy prey.

The best heroes to take down a Mei are one of the snipers, Flaherty said. You should be aware of whether Mei has used her cryo-freeze or ice wall abilities lately. If the answer is yes, take the opportunity to overwhelm her with a swift, coordinated attack. 


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