Overwatch 2 Story Length Hinted at by Blizzard

Overwatch comicbook

Unlike OverwatchOverwatch 2 will have a PvE story campaign when it hits PS4, Xbox OnePC, and Nintendo Switch. And according to Blizzard it's not going to be an afterthought or something players can conquer easily and quickly. It will be meaty, and is a big reason why Blizzard is calling the game a proper sequel and not pitching it as an expansion or DLC. More specifically, according to Blizzard designer Jeff Kaplan, the reason Blizzard is calling this a sequel is because it's too big to simply be an expansion or DLC.

“I play a lot of games. I can’t think of a single DLC or expansion of this magnitude,” said Kaplan while speaking to The Washington Post. For now, Kaplan and co. aren't divulging just how big or long the game's campaign is, 


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