Overwatch 1 and 2 will eventually merge into a single client, Jeff Kaplan says

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Overwatch 2 is kind of an odd beast. It's a sequel—you can tell because of the "2"—but it feels a lot more like an expansion. It's still early in development so a lot of details have yet to be nailed down, but Joanna said in her BlizzCon preview that Overwatch 2's new story mode "looks and feels identical to Overwatch's gameplay," 

ut for the addition of level progression. All the heroes, maps, modes, and cosmetics coming to Overwatch 2 will be playable in the original game, too.

But it's not just a matter of maintaining two games simultaneously: The long-term plan, game director Jeff Kaplan told Kotaku, is to bring them together as one.

"There will be a point where the clients merge," he said. "We think this is important, especially as a competitive experience.


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