Will Overwatch 2 be announced at BlizzCon? Everything we know

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BlizzCon is happening in November, and many signs point towards an Overwatch sequel or spin-off being announced alongside new additions to the current game. 

Overwatch was first announced at BlizzCon 2014, and released in 2016. In the game’s first three years, there have been nine new core maps, 10 new heroes, a series of smaller ‘arena’ maps, role-queue, and a few ‘events’ featuring exclusive skins and cosmetics. 

One of these yearly events originally titled “Uprising” but later changed to “Archives” features story-driven PvE co-op missions which serve to add additional lore to the game. 

Since Overwatch’s release there has been very little progressing the game’s lore forwards, with much of “new” information being related to 


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