Overwatch Workshop mode's hero select looks way better than current version

Overwatch dexerto

A newly-discovered Overwatch Workshop mode completely overhauls the hero select screen, turning it into something much more fitting for the game’s futuristic setting.

The Workshop Mode has created a mountain of new content in Overwatch since it was released in April and some of the modes have even found their way into the Arcade.



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  • "avastips" ,
    Today a reddit user shared a cool Overwatch Zombie mode. https://avastips.com/overwatch/overwatch-zombie-horde-mode-horizon-breakout/
  • "avastips" ,
    <div class="comment-content">Today a reddit user shared a cool <a href="&lt;div%20class=&quot;comment-content&quot;&gt;&lt;a href=&quot;https://avastips.com/overwatch/overwatch-zombie-horde-mode-horizon-breakout/&quot;&gt;https://avastips.com/overwatch/overwatch-zombie-horde-mode-horizon-breakout/&lt;/a&gt;Today a reddit user shared a cool Overwatch Zombie mode.&lt;/div&gt;">Overwatch Zombie mode</a>.</div>


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