Shroud outlines Overwatch's problem of 'must-use' heroes

Overwatch dexerto

Top Twitch streamer Michael 'shroud’ Grezesiek has outlined his issues with Overwatch, despite having an urge to play the popular Blizzard title. 

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional, who wows thousands of viewers each day with his god-like mechanical skills, has recently dived into playing Overwatch on-stream - showcasing his abilities in yet another title.

Despite not playing for as long or as consistently as other players, shroud hasn’t shied away from giving his opinion on the game. He has already criticized the use of ultimates, run into smurfs, and even discovered that he can’t play as Mercy. Yet, while Shroud is still trying to improve, he is also hamstrung by the game itself.


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