Here’s the fastest way to level up in Overwatch

Overwatch Dot eSports

If you’re desperate for loot boxes, but you’re strapped for time and you want to level as fast as possible, look no further. Efficiency is the key to leveling in Overwatch

It’s great if you have friends to play with because you’ll get a 20-percent group bonus at the end of each game. That’s a lot of XP, and it adds up, so find a group and start grinding. It doesn’t matter if you have five friends to play with or one, it’s all the same.

You can queue for either quickplay, ranked, or arcade, but a mixture of the three isn’t out of the question. If competitive play isn’t for you, and the stresses and anxieties of laddering don’t sit comfortably with you, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with quickplay. 


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