Overwatch BEAT Invitational Day 2 Recap

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A heavy favorite reverse-sweeps an up-and-coming team while two fan favorites headed home early.

Once again, the Overwatch BEAT Invitational did not disappoint in its second day of matches, with a heavy favorite almost going home and multiple teams stepping up to the plate to upset the odds and make each match a test of will and consistency. By the end of the night, EnVision and Tempo Storm were eliminated from the tournament, while Rogue barely came out of their match against Arc 6 alive to be destined to take on Immortals in the Winners' Finals.

Think you've missed something? Don't worry, we've got you covered in the recap below:

FNRGFE vs Arc 6 - Arc 6 wins, 1-3

FNRGFE bested Arc 6 in Overwatch Contenders Season 0, but the latter had some revenge on the team in the first game of the day. Arc 6's key to victory was two-fold: control Bud's Widowmaker (even sending Gingerpop's Lucio after him at times, to unexpected success) and utilizing their Sombra to the fullest. It was Custa and Danteh's time to shine on the hacking hero, with Zza pitching in when he was in a pinch. FNRGFE did put up a fight thanks to Buds' Widow and Genji play, but in the end Arc 6 was able to overcome the DPS player and take the first victory of the night in a 1-3 score.

Rogue vs Tempo Storm - Rogue wins, 3-1

Though Rogue surprisingly fell King's Row, they made up for it with a dominating show on Volskaya. For at least five fights in a row on defense on second point, Unkoe's Sombra had his EMP up. Each and every time, Tempo would bunch up, get hacked, and basically be sitting ducks. S00n, Nicogdh and Unkoe would push, get injured, use the hacked health packs near the point, then repeat the process to completely devistate Tempo. Though Sombra wasn't around Route 66, it was Nicogdh's Genji and AKM's Soldier: 76 that picked up the slack, easily taking out Tempo Storm and knocking them down to the Losers' Bracket, 3-1.

FNRGFE vs Tempo Storm - FNRGFE wins, 2-1

In this best-of-three Loser Bracket game, the team that lost would be eliminated from the tournament. FNRGFE looked almost unstoppable on King's Row, with Buds' Soldier: 76 and Muma's Winston successfuly targetting Tempo's support heroes to give FNRGFE the win. Tempo Storm seemed to take some of what they learned about Sombra from Rogue into Volskaya, bringing about a win when they needed it most. CoolMatt69's D.va and Muma's Winston was the final nail in the coffin, with CoolMatt being able to protect his DPS when needed and Muma once again disrupting the support's healing. With that, FNRGFE moved on and Tempo was eliminated from the tournament, 2-1.

Arc 6 vs Rogue - Rogue wins, 2-3

Danteh and Zza that went the distance to give Arc 6 the surprising win on Iilos and sparking hopes of a major upset incoming. Space led the charge on Dorado, with his D.va not only grabbing clutch kills using Self-Destruct, but also protecting his teammates while their ultimates went off as well. Rogue then seemed to wake up, with AKM coming alive on Lijang Tower and running Arc 6 over on King's Row. Route 66 completed Rogue's reverse sweep of the match, with the AKM once again cleaning up and Arc6 having no response to the French's agressiveneess. When the dust settled, it was Rogue who stood on top, 2-3.

FNRGFE vs EnVision - FNRGFE wins, 2-0

EnVision saw their tournament hopes dashed by FNRGFE thanks in part to CoolMatt69's D.Va and Bani's Mercy play. Bani in particular was very meticulous with his Resurrections, having the ultimate ability up when his team needed it and being able to use it to bring the tide of battle back their way. Though Jaru tried to lead the team back on top in both rounds, he and his team just couldn't keep up with FNRGFE, who took the series relatively easily in a 2-2 sweep. With that, EnVision was out of the tournament, the third team to be eliminated.

CLG vs Arc 6 - Arc 6 wins, 1-2

Arc 6 seemed to have lost focus after their heartbreak with Rogue, with CLG being able back-cap twice on Lijang. Hydration's Pharah play didn't lend the enemy any favors, with his rockets firmly keeping CLG in control when needed. Though Arc 6 was able to regroup and take Dorado with a stellar defense, it was the focusing of Shake's Mercy that turned out to be CLG's downfall, with Arc 6 reverse-sweeping CLG and taking home the final win of the night. Despite a very strong start, CLG is headed home.


The excitement continues tomorrow, 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT with Immortals squaring up against Rogue. By the end of tomorrow night, one of these teams are going to be crowned the champions of the Overwatch BEAT Invitational Season 2. Once again, Robert "Hexagrams" Kirkbride and Andrew "ZP" Rush are casting, and you can watch it all on BEAT's Twitch page.

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