Overwatch BEAT Invitational Day 1 Recap

Overwatch Peggy “Moirai” Forde

Tracer's put on a show and a heavy favorite exited the tournament early.

Despite some technical issues, the first day of the Overwatch BEAT Invitational was action-packed and not at all what was expected. By the end of the night, LG Evil was out of the tournament while CLG and EnVision looked stronger than ever.

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Immortals vs CLG - Immortals wins, 3-1

Hyped continued to perform for his team, with his D.va going on the offensive with Self-Destructs to not only protect his teammates but also ensure that CLG's PharMercy combo made as little impact as possible. Despite Hydration's Genji and iShiny's Winston giving them a run for their money, it was Immortals who were able to take the win thanks once again to the legendary DPS that is the Agilities/GrimReality combo.

EnVision vs LG Evil - EnVision wins, 3-2

Tseini's Widowmaker was on point, untouchable even to Jake's legendary Tracer, helping EnVision get the space they needed to keep LG Evil at bay for most of the match. The hero Tracer of the match was McGravy's, who consistently targetting Avast and Rob420's support heroes. In the end, EnVision was able to do what many thought was impossible for the up-and-coming team and take down LG Evil, 3-2.

CLG vs LG Evil - CLG wins, 2-0

LG Evil had a very rough night, with two underdog teams one-two punching them out of the competition. This time around, it was Silkthread's DPS giving Evil headaches, with his Tracer harassing them on Lijang and his McCree becoming their undoing in the final moments of Anubis. LG Evil consistently couldn't protect their support heroes once again - a fatal mistake, as the team was sent packing in a 2-0 sweep that made LG Evil the first team out of the tournament.

EnVision vs Immortals - Immortals wins, 3-0

Despite how solid they looked during their game against LG Evil, EnVision couldn't keep that up against the much-more-consistent Immortals squad. Agilities and GrimReality were in peak form this tournament, though Hyped's tank play helped to give them the room they needed to operate optimally. EnVision did have a few good pushes, but ultimately they were simply outplayed by Immortals, who swept the team 3-0.

The action continues tomorrow, July 8, at 20:00 CEST / 2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT, with the second round of competators starting their push into the tournament. First up, FNRGFE is up against Arc6, then Rogue will take on Tempo Storm immediately after that. By the end of the day, only three teams will be moving on from those two groups. You can catch it all on BEAT's Twitch page.


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