Arc 6 replaces Dahun with former fnatic support Custa

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 03 July 2017 15:15

The announcement comes just days after the team announced that Dahun would no longer be part of Arc6. 

Arc 6 - formerly known as YIKES! - has switched up their roster for the first time since failing to qualify for Overwatch Contenders Season 1. Dahun will be replaced by Scott "Custa" Kennedy, a former fnatic support player. 

Before fnatic disbanded their roster last month, Custa helped the team take 7th-8th place in the Overwatch Monthly Melee - March, as well as particpating in APEX Season 2 (though they did not make it past the group stages). Fnatic took third-fourth place in MLG Vegas 2016 and second in DreamHack Winter 2016. They also placed first or second place in four GosuGamers Weeklies back in the day.

With Custa coming onboard, Brice "Gingerpop" Breakey will be moving to the in-game leader and Lucio main, according to the statement made by the organization. Along with him, Jeremy "Jerkkit" Wong will become Arc 6's "Life Coach/Team Manager" and Kitta, aka pyren700, will officially become the team's Analyst/Strategist. 

Arc 6 originally made waves back in May, when they beat Selfless Gaming to take home first place in the Overwatch Monthly Melee. Since then, however, the team has had disappointing results, placing in the 5th-8th range in Overwatch Rumble - May failing to advance past the group stages in Overwatch Contenders NA Season 0. 

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