Rogue win Overwatch TaKeOver 2

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 04 June 2017 23:47

Rogue took back-to-back Championship titles... though not without a fight from eUnited.

eUnited had an amazing run throughout the tournament, but in the end it was the legends known as Rogue that came out on top to claim back-to-back victories in TaKeOver tournaments. Think you missed something? We've got you covered below!

Movistar Riders vs Cloud9 - Cloud9 wins, 2-3

Movistar attempted to counter Cloud9 with various hero switches to play directly against whatever the Americans were doing, which proved too much to handle on Lijang Tower. Cloud9 then seemed to pick up the pace, however, striking back with a win on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, reacting sufficently to the quick hero-swaps which seemingly getting the better of C9 the map before. Kaiser was the hero on Temple of Anubis, where he was able to blindside Logix's Tracer with an amazing charge to open the door for C9 to take the map in regulation and avoid Overtime. Movistar tied up the match on Eichenwalde, but in the end it was Cloud9 that came out on top on Oasis, being able to effectively counter the counters with a stronger map presence and superior technical skill.


Rogue vs eUnited - Rogue wins, 3-0

In a highly awaited match between the two dive powerhouses, Rogue never seemed to run out of answers.  The French engine took time to warm up on LiJiang, but each round seemed more dominant than the last, culiminating in a decisive 3-0 map win. On Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Rogue outplayed eUnited without using ultimates for most of their defense and then smashed eUnited's distance in just about a minute. Though eUnited definitely gave Rogue a run for their money in Hanamura, capturing the first point as quickly as Rogue did,  Rogue's execution on the second point was calm and collected, cutting through the enemy backline and dispatching eUnited into the Loser's Bracket in a swift 3-0 victory.


Cloud9 vs eUnited - eUnited wins, 3-0

Cloud9 had some very solid moments during the Losers' Finals, but in the end their teamwork and coordination was just a bit off, resulting in eUnited having the upper hand when the dust settled. Boombox's Zenyatta showed just how dangers Omnics can be, not only securing multiple fights for eU but also shutting down others on multiple occasions, including a fantastic shutdown of Gods. With his added DPS, Cloud9 just couldn't keep up, allowing eUnited to sweep all three maps played in this best-of-five. 


eUnited vs Rogue - Rogue wins, 3-1

Rogue did their homework moving into the Grand Finals, prioritizing Boombox whenever they could. It worked for the first two maps - Lijang and Route 66, respectively - but it wasn't enough to overcome the insane Overtime push that eUnited had on Hanamura, resulting in eUnited taking the map in a 4-3 win. Numbani was a lot closer than anyone imagined, with Boombax and Valutaja coming up big multiple times, but in the end it was Knoxx that gave Rogue the edge, Earthshattering eUnited's dreams and giving Rogue the back-to-back wins in Overwatch TaKeOver tournament.

To round out the tournament, Mitch "UberShouts" Leslie had the closing statement of TaKeOver 2: 

"A year ago [for Overwatch TaKeOver 1], we came here with a lot of hope in our hearts that Overwatch would be something that would change all of our lives," he said. "A year later, it's quite clear to see that that is the case. We were just a group of rag-tag guys coming together, hoping to find friends and find fortune, and we've had so much more than that. And you guys at home as well have been part of us as we've grown together. Thank you so much... the future is bright. And as you know... the world can always use more heroes. We'll see you for the TaKeOver 3!" 

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