Immortals add KariV and Fate to roster, place Nomy and Aythen to reserve

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 02 June 2017 17:45

Both KariV and Fate are from team Mighty AOD.

In a surprising move, Immortals has replaced long-time players David “Nomy” Ramirez and Athen “Aythen” Zhu with former Mighty AOD tank Pan Seung “Fate” Koo and  support Young Seo “KariV” Bak, according to their website. They've also added a new team manager, Joshua "dzMins" Kim, and a new coach, Dong Wook "Ookz" Kim. 

The change is one of the first major changes that Immortals has made to the former Sodipop roster, which they acknowledged in the announcement:

"Immortals has been competing in Overwatch since September of 2016, and we’ve made minimal changes to the team since acquiring the original Sodipop roster," the post said, "In order to remain competitive ahead of the first season of Overwatch Contenders, however, we’re making some changes to our roster and staff."

Nomy and Aythen won't be going far; they'll be sticking around on the reserve roster and "remain involved in the growth of the team."

This isn't the first time that a team has switched up its roster in preparation for Overwatch Contenders, the development league for the Overwatch League. FaZe has been rumored to also be switching up their roster as well.

The announcement came just days after KariV and Fate won their only game in APEX Season 3's group phase, taking a 3-2 win over Kongdoo Panthera. Before that, the two helped Mighty AOD qualify for APEX, as well as take 5-8th place in the DouyuTV NGA Cup, Season 3.

Immortals' last win happened back in March, where they beat LG Evil 3-1 in the Overwatch Carbon Series to take home first place. Most recently, they were bested by Evil, 0-2, in the last Overwatch Monthly Melee.

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