One out and another in for CLG Overwatch

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

CLG has announced some team changes in order to keep them competitive in the Overwatch scene.

Counter Logic Gaming is one of the most recent organizations entering the Overwatch scene. They did so by signing promising The One Procent, a team that was making a name for themselves even as less and less tournaments were being hosted.

Today however, they have announced and have said goodbye to original member 'The'. As stated by CLG's head coach:

The was a fantastic player and friend here at CLG Overwatch, he laid the foundations for the team to build from and I'm glad he was part of the process. As a collective, the team and I felt attaining the new support who was made available to us would open up opportunities to evolve into a world class team that can contend for that number one spot. I am committed to helping The find a new home and look forward competing against him in future events.

Considering CLG is going to play in this weekend's Overwatch Monthly Melee, the organization did not just randomly make this decision. Of course, they have a replacement at the ready already. In fact, CLG has been trialing a certain ex-compLexity player for the past weeks, even going as far as moving him to their team house in Los Angeles.

Shake will officially be playing for CLG starting this weekend, as their new flex-support.

CLG is in Group B of the OMM; they will have to face teams such as Immortals and Selfless on their way to the title. We wish them luck for this weekend and their future in Overwatch.

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Does CLG stand a solid chance in Group B of the Monthly Melee?

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