Kaplan confirms three maps are in the works for 2017

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If you started to worry that the Overwatch developer team is starting to slack off, don’t. More maps are in the works.

In a recent forum post, the poster expressed their worry about the lack of new map releases. Since the one year mark of Overwatch’s release is coming up soon, OP pointed out we’ve only seen two new maps in that timespan. In the official forum thread, game director Jeff Kaplan shows up to confirm that the developer team currently has three maps in the works. All these three maps are “past the initial playtesting phase.” He also says that the maps are all looking likely for a release this year. Furthermore, he says that they have three additional “non-standard maps” in development. These are maps that won’t go in Quick/Competitive play. Instead, they are most likely to be special event maps like Lúcioball, or brawl maps like Ecopoint: Antarctica.

So far during Overwatch’s first year, the “normal” maps that we’ve seen released are Eichenwalde and Oasis. The German castle of Eichenwalde was confirmed at Gamescom last August, and available for play not much later. Control map Oasis was released in the beginning of January, after getting teased at BlizzCon. We also saw a few temporary maps, like the football field that was designed for Summer Games’ Lúcioball.

If you want to continue the map chat, you can go to the forum post in question here.

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