Season 3 of APEX has an official starting date, and it's sooner than expected!

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

At the very end of today's APEX Season 2 broadcast, it was announced that Season 3 will kick off sooner than expected.

While the majority of America was still asleep, and a large portion of Europe was enjoying their Saturday morning, in Korea the Grand Finals of OGN's APEX Season 2 took place. We won't spoil the results in this article, but it is safe to say that match is certainly worth watching the VODs of.

More importantly for the future of (Korean) Overwatch eSports however is the fact that OGN announced the kick off date for Season 3 of this hugely successful tournament series:

Saturday, April 28th

That's right, less than 3 weeks are left on the countdown. This is the date that the actual main event will start. The Challenger Series for Season 3 finished end of March, which gave X6-Gaming, Rhinos Gaming Wings, Mighty AOD and MVP Space the opportunity to qualify for Season 3.

The actual tournament that will decide what teams get to stay in the pro league, which get promoted and which get demoted, is called the Super Week Promotion tournament. This tournament is scheduled for April 11th-16th. MVP Infinity, Afreeca Freecs Red, CONBOX Spirit and Flash Lux are at risk of getting demoted, while the aforementioned teams will try their hardest to steal away their spots for Season 3.

After all this is done, we will still await the announcement of this season's Western teams. Will EnVy come back again? Less than three weeks till we find out!

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