EFRAG has announced Enter The Arena: Overwatch

Posted by Thom "TiddlyThom" Vroegindewey at 11 February 2017 18:15

Mark your calendars, a new Overwatch tournament will take place February 18th-20th

After a long drought of Overwatch tournaments, the scene is finally picking up steam again. With tournaments ongoing, and new tournaments being announced; we have another tournament that has been announced. One hosted by EFRAG and Twitch.

It will have a $2,400 prize pool, feature 16 invited teams as well as space for other teams to sign up, with a maximum of 128. That’s a lot of spots. The 16 invited teams will have a 1 round advantage, which is understandable when taking the potential difference in skill into account. Every round will be a BO3 except for the finals, should you make it that far, as they will be a BO5.

The tournament will take place in the North American region but will feature EU teams. The invited teams should be announced within the next ~2 days, at which point we will let you know. If your team is interested in participating in this tournament be sure to sign up here before February 18th.


  • February 18th-20th



  • Yet to be announced
  • You???

For more information, be sure to check out the official tournament page.

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