PTR Changes, February 7th: Bastion, Mercy, D.Va buffed; Server Browser and Capture the Flag added

Posted by Peggy "Moirai" Forde at 08 February 2017 01:45

Bastion, D.Va and Mercy were buffed to varying degrees and the Server Browser feature and Capture the Flag game mode were added.

The new patch released on the Public Test Region (PTR) gives players almost 1.6 GB of new features, including some game mode customization and balance changes.

First thing's first: Capture the Flag was added as a permanent game mode, but only for the Arcade, and the Server Browser was launched. You can learn more about those here, in our Developer Update analysis article.

Besides a new set of tweaked maps, specifically made for CTF, another regular map change was implemented: Eichenwalde's second gate no longer closes and instead becomes partially blocked. This, according to the Developer Comments, should allow the offense to have more entrance options once entering that final indoors phase of the map.

The character changes, however, are the most important changes in this patch, with three heroes getting some major changes while others grabbing some more player customisation options.

The full changes to each hero can be seen on Blizzard's website here, but here's the rundown.


Bastion received the biggest set of buffs this patch with the biggest one: allowing him to heal while moving, not interrupted if hit. According to the Developer Comments, Bastion is supposed to "feel stronger and more flexible with these changes."


  • Configuration: Sentry
    • Deploy time decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.0 second
    • Bullet spread increased by 50 percent
    • Bullet spread is always at maximum (it no longer increases as the weapon is fired)
    • Magazine size increased from 200 to 300
    • Headshot damage multiplier has been removed
    • No longer deals critical damage
  • Configuration: Recon
    • Bullet spread decreased by 25 percent
    • Magazine size increased from 20 to 25
  • Self-Repair
    • Can now be used while moving
    • Now bound to secondary fire (formerly Ability 2)
    • No longer interrupted by taking damage
    • A new resource meter has been added that deplete while Self-Repair is active and recharges when not in use
  • Configuration: Tank
    • No longer grants bonus armor
  • Bastion has a new passive: Ironclad
    • Bastion takes 35% less damage while in Sentry or Tank configuration



The award for second most-powerful change this patch goes to Mercy, who is now invulnerable during the casting of her Resurrect ultimate ability. Even though she cannot target Zenyatta during his Transcendence ultimate, the former change should be a good enough boost to see some higher-quality Mercy play in the near future.


  • Resurrect
    • While performing a resurrection, Mercy now becomes temporarily invulnerable along with the allies being revived
  • Caduceus Staff
    • Zenyatta can no longer be targeted when Transcendence is active
  • New Hero Option: Guardian Angel Sensitivity
    • Allows players to adjust Guardian Angel’s targeting sensitivity
  • New Hero Option: Beam Sensitivity
    • Allows players to adjust targeting sensitivity on Mercy’s Caduceus Staff beams



Before, a projectile needed to travel a predetermined amount before it could be gobbled up by the Defense Matrix; with this change, however, that travel requirement is no longer valid. We'll see how it'll play into the competative scene, with so many Graviton Surges already being gobbled up by D.Va...


  • Defense Matrix
    • Projectiles (like Tracer's Pulse Bomb) no longer need to travel a minimum distance before they can be blocked


A simple change, but could prove to be a more powerful Torb in the right hands: his primary weapon can be reloaded earlier in his reload animation. Bonus change: Torb can also now build turrets on the stairs of Oasis.


The Snow Queen can now be targeted by friendlies like Mercy and Zenyatta while in her Cryo-Freeze state. You get by with a little help from your friends, after all...


One of the few nerfs for this patch update involves Roadhog's hook; he can no longer turn freely while pulling a hooked target. This now matches the original behaviour intended by the developers.

Sensitivity Changes

In addition to the above, multiple heroes were given the ability to control the sensitivities of multiple abilities. This means you can now finetune how precise you have to aim on certain areas; no longer Nanoboosting the wrong target.

  • Ana - Nano Boost Sensitivity
  • Sombra - Hack Senstivity
  • Widowmaker - Grappling Sensitvity
  • Zarya - Projected Barrier Sensitivity
  • Zenyatta - Harmony and Discord Orbs Sensitivities


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