Two Lunatic Hai Players benched for rest of OGN APEX Season 2

Posted by Alana "Vitani" Thompson at 01 February 2017 01:00

Image courtesy of ESL

In typical Korean fashion, Lunatic Hai adresses some of their players' actions. Leetajun and Dean to be swapped out for rest of OGN APEX Season 2.

The world's seventh ranked team, Lunatic Hai, will be swapping out Leetajun and Dean in response to multiple online affairs with female fans. An apology was written out and posted on the Lunatic Hai website, which can be found here written in Korean.

The current roster is now fixed as such: Ryujehong, Tobi, Esca, WhoRU, Miro and Zunba. With these players, the team is more likely to run a dive composition. A dive composition is a team made up of heroes that can “dive” or attack from above to catch defense off guard. This is a good offensive strategy, but does not make for a good defense. Losing Dean, who played Reinhardt, will now cause Miro or Zunba, who play well as Winston and Zarya, to pick up the hammer. A roster change like this, on such short notice, will likely mean the team will have dedicated roles set up while they work on their synergy. Though Zunba has been more of a flexible player, the need is still there for more than one tank, making it difficult to leave his Zarya spotlight.

With this roster change, it will be interesting to see how the rest of this season of Apex will pan out, especially with Lunatic Hai's match against LW BLUE on February 3rd.  Tune in for that at 3:30 AM PST/6:30 AM EST/12:30 CET on the OGNGlobal Twitch channel.

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