A look ahead at OGN APEX Season 2, Week 2

Posted by Thom "TiddlyThom" Vroegindewey at 24 January 2017 01:30

Week 2 of OGN gets underway, starting off with Korean powerhouses facing off in this purely Eastern day of competition.

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Week 2 features only 1 day of competition, and a total of two matches: Meta Athena vs BK stars and Lunatic Hai vs AF Red. Both of these matches should be great to watch and could be our last chance to see these teams in action before the next patch hits. There is more to these matches than meets the eye though (much like transformers); they will feature Korean teams that have their chance to make their mark on the tournament. To prove they belong.

BK Stars vs Meta Athena kick off the action.  It will be a matchup between 2 teams that aren’t considered to be finalists. They are both strong teams, but among the other superstars, it will take something special to win the tournament and this is the chance for them to showcase it.

Meta Athena put on a great show during the Super Week proving then that they deserved to compete in the OGN tournament. BK Stars swept their group in season 1 but was knocked out by AF Blue in the Semi-finals. We can expect an equally strong performance from them, but it is not fair to count Meta Athena out simply because BK has played in OGN before. Meta Athena put on a workshop during Superweek where they deftly dispatched strong teams such as MVP Infinity who we saw play against nV and give them a run for their money. This goes to show that Meta are able of putting on a surprisingly strong performance. This first match will be their chance to show off their skills.

Lunatic Hai vs Afreeca Freaks Red will be an interesting match between 2 powerhouses; both of whom have a shot at the whole tournament. Last season Lunatic Hai made it all the way to the finals before falling to EnVyUs. While AF Red isn’t the strongest AF team in this season, no one should underestimate them. This is the chance for the AF B team to prove that they deserve to be an A team.

Todays matches will be a showcase of some of Korea’s top teams. This will be our first chance to see what the East can offer us to oppose the 2 Western powerhouses. 


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