Alienware Monthly Melee returns January 21st UPDATE: Denial will replace Immortals

Posted by Spencer "Pesto_Enthusiast" Hibnick at 18 January 2017 20:15

The Alienware Monthly Melee returns! Did you miss it? Read on for the important information.

Edit (January 18): Immortals have withdrawn from the tournament in order to focus on training for the Winter Premier finals at PAX South. Denial have joined the event as their replacements. The new groups are FaZe, Denial, Rise Nation, and Spicy Boys in group A, and Luminosity, Liquid, Hammer eSports, and Splyce in group B.

After a month and a half's absence, Alienware Monthly Melee returns January 21 - 22. As with last year's Melees, the event will run over two days: a round robin group stage with two groups of four teams playing on the first day, followed by a double-elimination playoff stage the following day. And as with previous Monthly Melees, eight invited teams will compete for a prize pool of $5,000.

Two teams will make their Monthly Melee debuts this month. The unsigned team Spicy Boys, who enter the tournament 8-1 this month, will test themselves against FaZe, Liquid and Rise Nation in group A. Hammer eSports, who until being signed days ago went by the name -bird noises-, will join Immortals, Luminosity and Splyce in group B.

The tournament will feature several enticing storylines: how will FaZe look in their first full event since dropping TwoEasy? Will Spicy Boys put on a show and make a case for being signed to an organization? With the region's three biggest teams in Korea, is there anyone left stateside that can stop a dominant-looking Immortals? Tune in this weekend to find out!

Tournament Details:

  • Dates: January 21 - 22, starting at 2 PM PST/5 PM EST/11 PM CEST
  • Stream:
  • Casters: ZP, Hexagrams, UberShouts, Jason Kaplan, and Slasher
  • Prize pool: 1st place receives $3,000 and 2nd place receives $2,000

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