Good Gaming provides tournaments for competitive amateur Overwatch

Posted by Dries "TCO-esports" Thys at 10 January 2017 22:15

If your team is looking for a challenge in the competitive scene, don’t hesitate and try out the organized, discord tournaments of Good Gaming.

Good Gaming Tournaments welcomes every amateur and professional Overwatch team to compete in their weekly online tournaments, played only on the Americas server. Looking to play in a regular schedule, against other dedicated amateur teams? Good Gaming is a good option every Wednesday. (After tomorrow’s tournament the next one is planned on Sunday the 22nd instead of the 16th.) All series will be best-of-three with single elimination, and the finals are always best-of-five. A decent prize pool of $500 will be arranged for the top 4 teams, so you can even get something out of the experience.. This tournament uses Discord as its communication towards the participating teams, you can join their server here.

General Tournament Information:


  • Single elimination
  • All series are best-of-three
  • Finals will be best-of-five
  • Prize pool is $500 for the top 4 teams
  • Tournament will be played on the American server


All other information about the Good Gaming Tournaments can be found here.

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