OGN APEX League concludes Season 1, EnVyUs finally take home a title

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OGN's APEX League has entertained us for months. But it had to end someday, and today was that day.

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Early in the morning for Europeans, and even earlier for the NA, the Grand Finals of the APEX League Season 1 were played. Afreeca Freecs Blue represented Korea while EnVyUs was the final Western team left in the running. For EnVyUs these finals presented our worldwide ranked 1 team with another opportunity to get their first LAN title. EnVyUs has stood strong on said position for months now, but they were never able to confirm an offline tournament win.

Meanwhile, Afreeca Freecs got to the finals by beating BK Stars and narrowly defeating REUNITED. Their road to the finals was slightly more difficult, but fans still expected a closer final than we actually got. With a clean 4-0 win, EnVyUs took home the Bo7, about $90,000 in prize money and the title.

JoRoSaR, known caster, has prepared a special highlight reel of the finals for you which can be watched below:

The full match VODs can be found on our match page here. Now we just wait for OGN to hopefully announce Season 2...

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