Dreamhack Winter: Overwatch casting talent announced

Posted by Dries "TCO-esports" Thys at 11 November 2016 20:08

Dreamhack Winter is coming your way, which means another exclusive Overwatch event takes place in Sweden.

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The Overwatch Championship at Dreamhack Winter awaits, offering the participating teams another challenge and the viewers another chance to watch top tier Overwatch! Starting on the 25th of November, eight teams will compete for the trophy. Two qualified European teams, two qualified American teams and four still unknown teams from the BYOC qualifiers will battle it out at the Dreamhack Winter LAN in Sweden!

Other than looking forward to the tournament, the below talent lineup will be ready to provide high level commentary, analyse the games afterwards, interview the players and most importantly entertain you! Soe will take up the role as panel host, joined by Jason Kaplan, Ubershouts and ZP, MrX and Hexagrams as casters/analysts. The mix of familiar faces, and the first offline opportunity for Hexagrams, will definitely provide the audience an exciting experience!

Information regarding the Overwatch tournament:


  • 24th of November until 25th of November
  • Prizepool of $50,000
  • Group Stage (best-of-three series) and Playoffs (best-of-five series)


Qualified teams:



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