Reminder: Halloween in Overwatch will end November 1st

Posted by Thom "TiddlyThom" Vroegindewey at 28 October 2016 18:15

If you are looking to get yourself some spooky loot you better hurry up. The Halloween event ends on November 1st at which point you will not be able to get this loot ever again (or at least for a year).

The Halloween event arrived on October 10th and has since given us a plethora of new items to be won. The event will come to an end on November 1st however.

Everything related to the Halloween event will disappear from the store, and from loot boxes, including the skins, the voice lines, the emotes, the victory poses and the sprays. The massively popular Brawl mode and the Hollywood map reskin will also disappear. Thus, if you are eyeing some of the Halloween-specific item then you should spend credits to get it before it's too late; if you don’t have credits then you can always buy the loot boxes with real money.

Some of the skins that will no longer be available include Dr. Junkenstein (Junkrat), Junkensteins Monster (Roadhog), Ghoul Ana, Tombstone Bastion, Demon Hanzo, Witch Mercy, and Pumpkin Monster (Reaper) to name but a few.

All of the items are listed in this video:

As mentioned, another aspect of the game that will be sorely missed is the Brawl Mode. You have to face off against the minions of Junkenstein, including Reaper, his monster (Roadhog) and the Witch (Mercy). Wave after wave of enemies will assault the castle, and our 4 valiant defenders must not only survive but also make sure the minions do not destroy the castle doors. This Brawl showcases the PvE potential of Overwatch that some might have found surprising, but has made us excited for what's to come.

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