Let's get ready to rumble - Overwatch's first 1v1 arena is here!

Posted by Malin "Shye" Söderberg at 25 October 2016 23:45

Overwatch will soon have its first 1v1 arena! In a unique format, the Ultimate Gaming Arena: The Last Man Standing will bring something fresh to the community.

A lot of players have thought it at least once in their gaming life: Damn, I’m carrying this team. Well, soon you can find out how good your soloing actually is. Sort of.
Ultimate Gaming Arena, as it’s called, will bring the first 1v1 competition to Overwatch. For eight weeks, players will be able to test their skills with one pre-specified hero each week. For example, the first week will be a Genji only showdown. Players will go head to head to determine who the better (Genji) player is.
On Saturdays, the qualifications will take place. Then, during the Sunday of that week, the final eight players will compete in broadcasted show matches for the top spot and ~$1,600. The qualifiers will be single elimination, played as best of three points on a single control map (with reduced respawn times). As such the map pool is limited, and will only feature Ilios, Lijiang Tower and Nepal.
Registrations have been open since October 17th, with the first day of actual competition starting on October 29th.

The complete hero order is as follows:

  • Genji – October 29th/30th
  • Junkrat – November 5th/6th
  • Reinhardt – November 12th/13th
  • McCree – November 19th/20th
  • Hanzo – November 26th/27th
  • Roadhog – December 3rd/4th
  • Pharah – December 10th/11th
  • Tracer – December 17th/18th


This tournament stands out in the way that this kind of event has not been seen before in the Overwatch scene. It will be a great opportunity for the community to see something different, and maybe for other organizers to get some ideas of their own.

Interested in participating? To register for this tournament, you can go here. Be warned that all matches will be played on the Asian servers. We will keep you posted on the specific where and when soon!

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