The Massacre - Haksal strikes during the OGN APEX League

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A talented, high-school Genji player emerges during the OGN APEX League!

Korean talent Haksal was featured in AskJoshy's video "Welcome to the Haksal Show - Korean Genji Highlights - Overwatch." Haksal (Korean for "Massacre") showcased some solid Genji talent as he tore up REUNITED at certain points during the OGN APEX League.

Casted by DoA and MonteCristo, we see the Korean team RunAway repeatedly use Ana's nanoboost on Haksal's Dragon Blade to destroy REUNITED's players. The crowd's reactions to the flashy nanoboost plays are a nice addition as well. The skill truly shows through with his shuriken accuracy and clean use of the nanoboosted Dragon Blade. Overall, one can see that RunAway coordinates their Winston and Genji damage well, allowing Haksal to stay true to his name's meaning. Target selection and focus is excellent in these clips.

Despite Genji falling slightly out of meta on the EU and NA sides, RunAway still seems to favor Genji quite heavily. With Haksal utilizing boost really well and getting 3+ kills in quick succession, there's no reason to doubt the use of our favorite Cyborg Ninja.

While one may be quick to dismiss the plays as mashes of Q's, take care to notice the shuriken accuracy. 4:28 is a great example, with a predictive left click on to Vallutaja's Tracer. Haksal builds ultimate relatively quickly and is able to drive RunAway forward by receiving nanoboosts for huge multikills. His prioritization of killing supports and quickly bouncing from one target to the next is entertaining to say the least.

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