Top 500 leaderboard system is live, now you can grind while you grind!

Posted by Malin "Shye" Söderberg at 30 July 2016 14:00

We’ve seen glimpses of it before, but now it’s finally here: Overwatch's top 500 leaderboard.

When the competitive mode in Overwatch first launched, we saw glimpses of the shiny, yellow mark that indicated that you were one of those special people that were ranked top 500. But, that quickly went away. Now though, Blizzard has finally released their top 500 system in all its glory. This feature looks pretty nice already, although Blizzard wants it to evolve. One of the things they are thinking of is for example a “graphical leaderboard”. But for now, let’s check out how the current version works.

  • Each platform (PC/XBONE/PS4) has its own leaderboard
  • After that, the leaderboards are also divided into each region
  • If you manage to break into top 500, you will receive a notification in game, and you will get a special icon next to your BattleTag, PSN ID etc
  • To qualify for top 500, you need to have a skill rating of at least 60
  • Every season the leaderboards will reset. So, the next season, you will start fresh with no benefits for having good previous ranks.

And last but not least, there is a special reward (spoiler alert: animated spray) that you can reap at the end of the season. This is if you at any point during the season managed to break top 500.

If you want to read the entire post by Blizzard, you can find it here.
Good luck, and happy laddering!

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