Overwatch's next hero revealed: Ana, Sniper Support

Overwatch Robbert “Broeder” Troost

We are finally getting another hero, and it is promising a whole other playstyle. Check inside to see what a Support with a sniper rifle looks like!

Of course we have known Overwatch would be getting more and more playable characters added to the roster, but nobody really knew how fast it would happen. Mei is currently the last hero added to the game, being a part of the game since November 10th. But this will soon change. After a teaser was sent out last week, today we learned the full extent of: Ana.

As you can see, Ana is a Support hero with a sniper rifle. A combination we have not seen (many times) before. As stated on her hero page, this is her full kit:

  • Main Weapon:
    • ​LMB: Sniper Rifle that burst heals allies hit and hurts opponents with damage over time
    • RMB: Ana has the ability to scope, similar to Widowmaker
  • Sleep Dart: A sort of stun, that makes enemies hit sleep. Longer range than McCree's Flashbang. The stun will end when damage is taken however, so it's a disengage more so than engage tool
  • Biotic Grenade: An AoE ability that will deal damage to opponents and heal allies in a certain area. The effect also amplifies healing done to characters and stops enemies from getting healed 
  • Nano Boost (Ultimate): An all-round boost to one targeted ally that gains a damage boost, speed boost and damage taken reduction for a short while


As seen in the Trailer, Ana also starts on top of a gate that requires some kind of movement ability. But this was done purely for the cinematic value, since no such ability is present in her kit on the PTR.

Furthermore, Blizzard released an Origin Story video, which should answer quite a few fan questions!

How do you feel about this new hero and her kit? Are you excited to try out the unique sniper support playstyle? Let us know in the comments!

EDIT: She is already playable! On PTR, but still. Check the patch notes here, and then go play!

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