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Following an impressive string of results in recent tournament play yet another Overwatch team has joined the ranks of a professional gaming organization. This time Broverwatch has been picked up GamersOrigin.

Gamers Origin has previously organized a number of Overwatch events, and they have taken the step of owning their own team now as well. The French organization had this to say about the pickup:

Overwatch is a game in which GamersOrigin carries a huge interest since the release of the beta. The game holds huge potential and we decided to try our luck on different axes : WebTV , events organization and now an eSports team . 
Our internal teams are really passionate through play and eSports potential.
We met several potential teams during the last weeks but there was a real desire to work with BrOverwatch , who have a similar vision to ours and who are down to earth and have the potential to reach the top. We really wanted to move them in this adventure and will do the maximum to allow them to train in the best conditions and go to all lans that will arrive in the coming weeks.
Thank you to our sponsor Ineoco which allowed us to live on this adventure!


  • Narwak - DPS
  • WhiTeFire - Tank
  • SILO - Support
  • AsuraX - Support
  • Strenx - DPS
  • Jenkins - Captain/DPS
  • Fayaw - Coach
  • PSYCKAr - Manager

Some may remember Strenx as a top Quake Live player, and the team also has their dedicated Coach in Fayaw. The chemistry of being an all French squad may have contributed to BrOverwatch’s recent success in some smaller tournaments and the team hopes to continue that success with their newfound French organization. GosuGamers sat down with a few members of the team for their thoughts.

How excited are you to pair up with a French organization for your all-French team?

Jenkins: We are really excited about the new French organization. We want to help bring the French scene to the top of Europe as soon as possible.

WhiTeFire: I’m really happy to play for GamersOrigin and I’ll try to do my best for the upcoming future.

What team, if any, are you looking to as an example of how you’d like your team to play and compete?

Jenkins: The two first European teams known as Misfits and Creation eSports as well as the number one French team Melty eSport Club.

WhiTeFire: First of all Misfits, because I think they’re currently the best team in EU. Melty eSport Club is another because we should support other French teams. We should set a positive example for the French community.

What do you expect from the future of Overwatch?

Jenkins: Some new and exciting champs. 1 hero limit and, maybe in the future, a game ban option – to ban both maps and/or champs.

WhiTeFire: New heroes, 1 hero limit and updating the tickrate and hitboxes.

As GamersOrigin, the team’s first official appearance will be at Breaking Lan, organized by ESL.

You can follow GamersOrigin at their website here, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

For more competitive Overwatch news, follow us @GosuOverwatch.


Will GamersOrigin be able to dethrone Melty eSport club as the best Overwatch team in France?

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Thank you for voting!
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  • Vitaly "runoke" Y ,
    I don't understand why people keep doing it. Skinny guys in sports T-shirts in menacing poses? Isn't there no one with PR background in the scene, or at least some, Idk, girl with a taste? Give then something smart-casual, relaxed but confident poses. These nervous angry nerds in a red gradient look like they are supposed to engage in some hilarious mixfight/gladiator style bashing with inflated hammers and glowing sticks. Not like professional players of a virtual game based on quick thinking and decision making. Not a players fault of course.


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