Rumours surface that KnOxXx joins Rogue, ToxikeN replaces him at Creation eSports

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Two top European players may have swapped teams as the competitive Overwatch scene continues to evolve.

The fast-paced world of Overwatch has seen multiple players signing for teams in the last couple of months, and yesterday saw rumours of two more players moving organisations. Joshua ‘ToxikeN’ Campos has apparently joined Creation eSports on a trial basis, ending his stint with Rogue, while his former team look like they might have secured the signing of French star Jean-Louis ‘KnOxXx’ Boyer, formerly of Creation. The moves are confirmed by the ESL rosters for the ongoing Amazon Gaming series.

KnOxXx is a former top level player from Team Fortress 2, where he spent much of his time playing with Seb ‘numlocked’ Barton, but this move sees that pairing split up with the Englishman currently remaining part of the Creation roster. As for ToxikeN, the Spaniard moving in the opposite direction will hope for better fortunes with his new outfit, having ended his time at Rogue with a pair of losses.

We’ll have more on the moves and fan reaction to the ever-evolving competitive scene, but with organisations picking up players left and right it’s obvious Overwatch has the eSports legs Blizzard have so clearly aimed to give it. Having seen a Chinese team play a prominent part in the recent GosuGamers tournament and with European players also getting a chance to shine as pros, it’s obvious the appeal of this game also transcends geographical barriers, meaning we should see a thriving global scene in future.

The new Creation eSports rosters is as follows:


As for Rogue:


UPDATE: As of 12:00 GMT, Creation eSports deny the move, stating that KnOxXx representing Rogue in one event is nothing more than that, and that he is still registered as their player. Furthermore, KnOxXx was registered for Rogue, but did not play for the team yesterday, with 2GD in instead. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds.


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