G2 Esports sees Overwatch team disband, but shows interest for the future

Overwatch Michael “michr” Rosen

One of the first big organisations to sign a Overwatch team, G2, has lost their team to a disband. The team around Team Fortress 2 all stars numlocked and KnoxXx decided to go seperate ways.

When the Overwatch Beta started, a lot of the hopes from the Team Fortress 2 community were put on the shoulders of the former Epsilon squad, competing in Overwatch for G2. Many people predicted the team to be a contender for the top spots, however, the team never managed to live up to the expectations.

For the second Beta phase the lineup underwent a drastic change, cutting long time members Tek36, flippy and schocky for ShaDowBurn and Forsak3n and while that change helped gain the team a bit of momentum, it ultimately didn't last as internal differences led to the Russians leaving the team after just a very short time period. Mike then decided to quit the game due to motivation problems and the team was left with just numlocked and KnoxXx. In an attempt to rebuild the team tried various players, but a stable lineup never came to fruition and the team decided to go on their seperate ways. Both numlocked and KnoxXx however will continue playing Overwatch and will be trying to find a new home.

In the short history of Overwatch G2 legacy ends for now with one GosuGamers Weekly under their belt. It seems likely however that the organisation is looking to pick up a new team, as a tweet from ocelote indicates:

The original G2 lineup included:

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