The most likely new heroes shown in Recall

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The new animated overwatch short, Recall, teased some previously unknown members of Overwatch. Were they just placeholders, or are some of them future heroes?

Blizzard loves to tease future content in Overwatch. Last year, D.Va's release was foreshadowed by a poster that showed up in the spawn room of Hanamura, and both Genji and D.Va were featured in concept art before they were revealed. Knowing this, many of us likely expected some foreshadowing in their new short, Recall.

Recall follows Winston as he grapples with the decision to bring Overwatch agents back to active duty, and in flashbacks, fragments of his origins are revealed. Near the end of the short, Winston finally decides to recall the Overwatch agents, and Blizzard being Blizzard, they throw a smorgasboard of teasers right into our faces.

Of the pictures teased, here are the 3 that seem most likely to be heroes in the future.

#1: "Megazord"

This character, a very colorful, big-boned robot, has appeared in promotional material before (top right). He seems to be an Omnic (though, like Reinhardt, he could very well be a guy in a suit), and the roster is definitely lacking in Omnics, with only Zenyatta, Bastion, and arguably Genji fitting the bill. Of the robots teased in Recall, he's easily the most distinct looking. As far as his possible role, he's way too big to be anything but a tank unless Blizzard has something interesting up their sleeve. Maybe a knock-back mechanic related to his heavy steps?

#2: "Cool Design Woman"

This character has the most striking and unique design out of the human characters that were teased, and her face exhibits real personality, unlike the placeholder faces that some of the other characters had. She's got a ton of head implants going on, and the ones above her ears look particularly interesting. Maybe she'll be a walking radar?! The red thing that she seems to have on her back is interesting as well, but we don't get to see enough of it to guess at what it might be. I'd guess that she'd be a support, perhaps with a builder aspect since she's carrying something on her back.

#3: "Pointy Nose Man"

Like Megazord, Pointy Nose Man has been featured in promotional art before (far left). His glorious nose can only imply evil alignment, so I suspect he has something to do with Reaper and Widowmaker. He even customized his chin to make it pointy as well, which just exemplifies his evilness, and his mean looking face and mohawk round it out. While he's not as distinctive as a couple of other characters teased, the fact he's been featured in official art before makes it more likely that he's a future hero. It's anyone's guess as to what role he might fill, but he definitely looks too mean to ever support anyone. I'd say Attack or Defense.

As said, there are a couple of other interesting looking characters, but these three are the most likely, due to their past appearances in concept art, as well as their distinctiveness - many of the characters are so generic looking it hurts. But then again, that might be exactly what Blizzard wants us to think?

Which of the teased characters do YOU think are likely to be future heroes?

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