REUNITED.gg finally completes their roster, in comes kruise

Overwatch Michael “michr” Rosen

One of the strongest teams on the European server, REUNITED.gg, finally put an end to their roster issues after testing out several options following the departure of Mendokusaii to IDDQD.

Replacing the young Swede will be former Arcane eSports player Harrison "kruise" Pond. The young, British talent will mainly be taking up the Lucio role within the team, but due to his extensive experience in other roles will be able to flex into more offensive roles if needed.

The new REUNITED.gg lineup now looks as follows:

We spoke with both the Team Captain and the new arrival:

Thomas “Morte” Kerbusch:

“It’s no secret we’ve been testing players for a while and so we are happy to announce that Kruise will be completing the Reunited family. Kruise - a very strong player with an impressive dedication who fits right into our team mentality and chemistry. We are confident we can reach new heights and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Harrison “Kruise” Pond:

“Very excited to be a part of Reunited! I’m loving the environment and the players. It’s been a fun week with the guys so far, so I am super happy to continue playing with them, especially as it will be in a more official manner. Overall I am really looking forward to the future and giving it my all to become the best together with the rest of the guys.”

It will be interesting to see if REUNITED.gg can continue their upward trend and challenge for the top spot in Europe. They will be playing with this new roster in the upcoming GosuGamers Weekly EU this Saturday.

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