Blizzard revealed a new hero and two new maps for Overwatch

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During Gamescom Blizzard introduced a new hero and two new maps together with a bunch more details about their upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch.

Lucio is a very mobile hero whose main objective is to support his teammates with abilities from his arsenal. Being a DJ, Lucio's skill kit includes songs with various effects. One is meant for healing both himself and teammates, while the second one provides a team-wide haste buff.

Running on rollerblades, it’s a lot of fun to play Lucio as he is able to run along walls which makes him one of the fastest paced heroes in the game. His ultimate ability is called Sound Barrier, which is actually a healing shield for all nearby allies.

Besides revealing a new hero, Blizzard also expanded the current map pool with two new maps, Volskaya Industries and Numbani. Volskaya Industries is located near St. Petersburg in Russia. This location is known as manufacturing center for massive, human-piloted mechs which help protect the local population. As this is a Point Capture map, both the attacking and defending teams will have to battle for the control of this facility and its powerful Svyatogor mobile suits.

On the other hand, the Numbani map is set in an utopian, technologically advanced city on the edge of the African savannah. Unlike Volskaya which is covered with snow, Numbani has a luxuriant green environment. This map is Point Capture and Payload at the same time, which means that once one of the teams captures the control point, they will be able to access the payload which then must be escorted to the end of the map in order to secure the victory.

An Overwatch panel with the devs was also featured at Gamescom with game director Jeff Kaplan, senior game designer Michael Chu and senior game producer Matthew Hawley. Besides the talk about the new hero and the two new maps, they were talking about other heroes, various game mechanics and also a date when the closed beta will be released.

The official game's site can be found on this link.

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