Short Cuts #7: Dorado

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Welcome back to the Shortcuts series - brought to you by GosuGamers! 
If this is your first read in this article series, let's review what we consider to be a shortcut. We define a shortcut as a method of travel in Overwatch that is only accessible to a few heroes, not easily used, or not normally seen. Proper utilization of these shortcuts can give you an edge against an enemy team. The video below will show each and every hero able to use a particular flanking shortcut in Dorado - as well as how to implement it!

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Dorado 1: Smuggler's Alley

This shortcut is popular for attacking teams. It allows you to flank the defense and is used in quick play and tournaments alike. It helps pull the defense away from the archway choke point, allowing your team to push through a lot easier. It doesn't make too much sense for the defense as you generally don't want to engage the offense on their side of the archway. To deal with a flank like this, it's important not to ignore the front line. You must be careful not to split your team and, for example, leave your Reinhardt alone by the payload to get run over by 5 enemies. Move together as a group to deal with the flanker then re-engage the remaining enemy team members as a full 6. 

Dorado 2: Extended Flank

This flank is very flashy and mainly useful for the offense. It doesn't make too much sense for most cases as the entry and exit points are quite far from each other. This means that you flank very, very far behind the enemy and are away from your team for quite some time. It can be useful in the unique situation in which you spawn right before the first point was captured. You may be able to set up a flank to catch the defense off guard or help make room for your team to push the cart safely past the church balcony. Note that Tracer can use the flank in reverse if playing on the defense's side. 

Dorado 3: Spawn Boost

This shortcut is a very quick flank that can be devastating. When the defense walks out they are highly likely to ignore looking to their right. This allows you to get behind them and pull off a huge ultimate. If the situation is right, you can easily back-cap the payload as well! This may not work in higher level play if the defense is choosing to hold the popular high ground hallway, but it can be a very useful retreat location and re-engage path if you're mobile. There's a large medkit/health pack right underneath! Notice that you are also difficult to spot if you take the pathing shown in the video. 

That's all we have for Dorado! We hope that these shortcuts are useful in our readers' quests to climb the ranks in our beloved game. 

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