Road to Atlanta #OWOPEN - An interview with compLexity Harbleu

Overwatch Wilson “scr1be” Xu

In light of gamescom and as part of our extended coverage of ELEAGUE and FaceIt’s Overwatch Open, we sat down with compLexity Gaming’s flex player, Anthony “harbleu” Ballo. We talked about his thoughts on winning the qualifier, what they were looking forward to at gamescom, and, of course, who is better NA or EU. (Interview was conducted before the gamescom weekend.)

00:31- Competitive Background
03:28- Overwatch Open Qualifier and looking ahead to the Regional Final
06:25- coL's Rise to the top
08:21- gamescom 
10:08- Opinion on Overwatch Open on TBS
12:24- EU vs NA and looking to new regions (Blizzcon)
18:05- Flex Player Mentality and the Meta
25:37- Fun Questions!

It is good to hear that, judging from interviews like this one, the NA scene is getting more and more competitive. The NA region doesn't have the strongest shooter history, but the explosive growth of Overwatch is allowing players to take their competitive future in the game very seriously, and it is also attracting more and more top end organizations to invest their own resources into the scene. 

Be sure to check out the event stream for the Qualifiers and LAN matches to come. Let us know if you want to see more video interviews!

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