GosuGamers Power Rankings - North American Edition

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Caster hexagrams and coverage/databaser Dvexx add some context to our GosuGamers Rankings, and explain the top of the North-American scene.

1. EnVyUs

EnVyUs has won 27 sets in a row after a surprising loss to REUNITED in the GosuGamers EU Weekly 12. Quick, tell me who the weakest player is on EnVyUs? Time is up. Most teams have a player who jumps to mind, but this EnVyUs squad is as solid as they come. Taimou is very likely the strongest overall DPS player in the game right now, and before the hackusastions come flooding in, tune into his stream to watch what fifteen years of doing nothing but no-lifing FPS games does to your snap aims. It is as simple as this, right now in Overwatch, it is EnVyUs, and then everyone else.

2. Cloud9

It seems that every time something changes in the game, whether it be nerfs to compositions (double-orb), or tournament rules (1 hero limit), everyone is waiting for Cloud9 to fall off. Well, perhaps this is finally the time that the changes in the meta knock Cloud9 from their untouchable perch; or maybe they just took some time off and didn't practice enough. Regardless, Cloud9 finally looks beatable, as a team with phenomenal Widowmaker play (namely from Reaver) now enters an era of uncertainty. They have been experimenting with different DPS combinations between Reaver and Surefour, but like the times before Widow dominance, as goes Reaver's DPS play, so will go Cloud9.

3. Luminosity Gaming

June was a good month for LG. Overall it has to be considered a huge step forward for Luminosity as they were finally able to beat rivals Cloud9 in a major tournament. Of course Seagull showed up huge in the JoshOG invitational, but it is perhaps Gods' unwavering Widow play which allows Luminosity to finally take 'the next step' we've all been waiting for. It isn't all roses for LG, though, as they were taken to the brink by Team Liquid, and lost a map to NGRed, but for now they've gotten over their biggest hurdle. The meta, and 1 hero limit, has been kind to LG, as their roster has extremely deep hero pools, but as tournaments experiment with different formats, LG will be a team to watch to see if they can readjust. However, as long as Roadhog has a spot in the game, LG will be happy to put Enigma on the StreetPig.

4. Northern Gaming Red

Our trend of DPS focus in the power rankings continues. Northern Gaming Red has been a brand new team ever since the addition of DPS player Bird. Mangachu has also been playing on a different level as he is proving to be one of the top Pharahs in North America. However, there are some red flags about Northern Gaming Red as they had to forfeit their semi-final match in the JoshOG invitational. Leaving us all wondering what could have been, as they pulled an upset over Cloud9 in the third place matchup.

5. GaleForce eSports

A team that has had their ups and downs since the beta, Gale Force eSports has shown improvement in the past week, with very close games against fellow teams in the top 10 global rankings. GFE was able to get 2nd in Group B of the Beat Invitational earning two wins over Team Liquid (giving them a top 4 seed in the playoffs),  doing so with impeccable Roadhog play by Harbleu and a breakout night by NicolasTJO on Pharah. Hopefully, the no hero limit meta has a positive impact on GFE and they are able to improve their play as a team to make the hurdle to become one of the top teams in the global rankings.

Honorable mention, Team Liquid:

This new roster, anchored by standout Pharah/Mercy combo IID and DaHang, likely just needs a little more time before they start consistently competing against the teams ahead of them in our rankings. They've already shown they can hang with LG, and seemed to improve nearly every game. As this roster irons out the wrinkles to their compositions and hero roles, they will be a force to contend with in the North American scene.

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