Overwatch Contenders

Overwatch Contenders

General Information

Prize pool - ~$100,000 ( $50,000 per region )
North America
-- Open Qualifier:June 3rd & 4th
-- Group Phase:June 18th & 25th
-- Playoffs:July 1st
-- Open Qualifier:June 10th & 11th.
-- Group Phase:June 17th & 24th.
-- Playoffs:July 2nd.

Open Qualifier
-- Top 16 advance to the Group Stage.
Group Stage
-- 16 Teams
-- 4 Groups of 4.
-- Top 8 advance to the Playoffs
--Top 8 teams from group stage clash.

Europe Winner:

North America Winner:

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Some unexpected results in the quarterfinals resulted for some shake-ups and unexpected match results for the "first" season of Overwatch Contenders NA.

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EU Playoffs (Completed)

EU Group Stage (Completed)

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NA Open Qualifier 2 - 7th Place Decider

NA Open Qualifier 2 - Decider 2 (Comp)

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NA Open Qualifier 2 (Completed)

NA Open Qualifier 1 (Completed)

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