How do you support in Overwatch?

We look at the most dedicated support hero in Overwatch: Mercy. Watch this gameplay video and see if you agree with what we see going on.

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Popular TF2 Player Reacts to Overwatch

Overwatch seems to be the spiritual successor to Team Fortress 2; popular TF2er STAR_ chimes in.

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Blizzard releases new Overwatch YouTube gaming page

What better way to get familiar YouTube's new gaming portals than by exploring the official Overwatch one?

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Who are these two mystery Overwatch Characters?

A cybernetic ninja and a massive toxic tough guy have yet to be named or revealed by Blizzard. Who are they and what will they bring to the game?

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Can I carry in Overwatch? A look at this Tracer gameplay might answer that question

Blizzard has made it clear by now that when they say team game, they mean it. That being said, FPS games offer a very high skill ceiling allowing certain players to dominate the match. Will Overwatch be different?

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What you need to know about Overwatch

Blizzard's yet to be released class-based shooter promises to transform the FPS genre. Simply put, take everything you love about Blizzard games and make it first person.

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Blizzard revealed a new hero and two new maps for Overwatch

During Gamescom Blizzard introduced a new hero and two new maps together with a bunch more details about their upcoming team-based shooter Overwatch.

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Blizzard's new game "Overwatch" takes the company into uncharted waters

The beautifully drawn and animated Overwatch - Blizzard's brand new IP revealed yesterday at BlizzCon - will be company's first ever first person shooter as the Californians merge team work, roles and class skills and escape from the WarCraft/StarCraft/Diablo triangle. 

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