True Blue Episode 1

General David “teargas” Dunne

Welcome to the premier issue of the GosuGamers StarCraft 2 Blue Post Tracker, or "True Blue" for short. This will be a weekly feature to keep you all informed of what Karune and his cronies have been doing to keep us informed over the last week outside of the Q&A Batches. If it’s blue and it’s on the forums, you’ll find it here.

To kick things off, Blizzard has added a few new screenshots to the StarCraft 2 fan site kit. These screenshots – pictured at the bottom of the page – have drummed up a bit of chatter about the Protoss Colossus, primarily because in one of them it is seen walking through deep water. Karune has confirmed that while this was an ability that the StarCraft 2 team tinkered with for a short time, they have since abandoned it with no plans to reinstate.

The Colossus has been the source of much controversy since the release of the first official Battle Report, as it was repeatedly smashed by a Terran army while dealing only a small amount of damage. Karune has shared that this has been a concern, and that in the most recent build of StarCraft 2 the Colossus packs a bit more punch into each attack with a slightly longer delay between attacks. This increase to the burst damage potential of the colossus should give it a bit

In non-Colossus related news, the Nighthawk has had its mechanic tweaked as well. It now constructs its defenses, such as the Autoturret and Spider Mine, by making use of the player’s resources rather than its own energy. Additionally these defenses will now be permanent emplacements.

Additionally we know that there are significant art enhancements that have been added to gameplay. For instance, attack animations have been improved and death animations now reflect the weapon used in the killing blow. Hopefully, Dustin Browder will continue to show discretion when striking the delicate balance between visual clarity and exciting eye candy.

Now, on to the screenshots!

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 01 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 02 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 03 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 04 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 05 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 06 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 07 thumb.jpg

01.31.2009 SC2 SS 08 thumb.jpg