ToT)Naugrim(: 'I have never been this motivated before'

Posted by Frida "Vilda" Hultman at 27 November 2008 12:10

Just a couple of days ago the announcement of no less than three new players and one manager joining the Templars of twilight roster. The swede Naugrim was one of them.

naugrim_tree_235.jpgTogether with administrator Kaiser and the two former LighT players Shad and AeRiaLs, Naugrim is the newest addition to ToT. Naugrim tells GosuGamers that he is very happy to join the team. And even though he enjoyed his time in NaW; he needed to move on in order to keep evolving. Hit former team mates took it well, though, and there are no hard feelings from any side.
- Of course they wanted me to stay, but when you get an opportunity to join one of the best clans out there, you simply have to move on in order to improve as a player.

Even though Naugrim is one of the best and most active players in Sweden at the moment we have not heard that much from him internationally, but joining ToT puts him in the spotlight for real. He says that he was very nervous but that he in the WGTCL match versus ash, and manager to win, which gave him some more confidence.
- I felt abit nervous and pressured when i played my first CW for ToT, which actually was 2 days after I joined. But i won, fortunately, so I feel good about it.

ToT is one of the most prestigious teams in the foreign scene, and Naugrim tells us that he has always wanted to join them.
- Since I started playing BW my goal has been to join ToT, so I couldn't turn down the invitation. Besides, he says, the name just kicks ass! He also says that even though it was his goal - and now he has reached it - he is sure that it will not make him lose his motivation. It has happened before, but he assures he will make new goals within the team, and keep playing.
- I will never stop loving this game. And joining ToT gives me even more motivation to keep playing and become better as a player. I don't think I've ever been this motivated before in terms of playing BW.