MSL 2008 group B match report

Posted by "PsychoBaBas" at 25 September 2008 22:48

With Flash and JangBi in the group, it looks like the average YellOw[ArnC] and Bul_T will struggle. But will this be the case? Is this group as straightforward as it seems?

Welcome to the MSL 2008 ClubDay group B game report!

Flash vs YellOw[ArnC] @ Byzantium

Fake Yellow has been on the scene for quite some time but has undoubtedly been overshadowed by his twin brother Luxury, the second best Zerg in the world. Flash on the other hand has surfaced in the past months but has wrecked havoc.

Being possibly the only player to pose a considerable threat to Jaedong, Flash has also sparked the tired TvP match with his early armory into goliaths and upgrade build. His TvZ is scary and our little YellOw[ArnC] knows this…

Map is Byzantium with Luxury on top left and Flash bottom right.

But what is this? YellOw obviously believes he has no chance vs Flash in a standard game and goes for a cheesy 9 pool 9 gas build into speedlings! Flash could not have chosen a worse build as he goes for 1 barracks fast expansion!

At this point is worth to mention that the expansions are actually on higher ground meaning that zerglings attacking the choke would have a considerable advantage vs the ranged marines. Maybe there is actually more thought to YellOw[ArnC]’s tactic…

Sure enough, the lings run frantically towards Flash as he scouts and cancels his command center while tries to set a desperate defence with SCVs and a handful of marines. Initially it seems to pay off but Flash got too cocky, moves his forces to attack the intruder and eventually has his small army surrounded by lings and torn to pieces.

But he still holds on, sending SCVs to defend with their puny fusion cutters. But again Flash becomes cocky as he slaps down a command center and a bunker expecting to still be able to defend against the constant stream of lings! But it’s too much for the greedy Terran. The zerglings mass up and completely overwhelm his 1 barracks-produced marines.
As Flash notices more lings coming his way and with no way to defend, he GGs.

What a rubbish game from Flash’s perspective. Initially he had defended the rush but he inexplicable moved out and almost lost the game right there. Then he defends and decides its wise with 3 marines to put a command center down…what the hell is this?! YellOw obviously had this thought through and it paid off. Feels more like Flash messing up than YellOw playing great…

JangBi vs Bul_T @ Medusa

Let’s all hope this game fairs better! And it’s the first PvP match of this MSL.

JangBi warps in a nexus at 7 o’clock and Bul_T appears at 10. JangBi is a relatively newish player with an average PvP. Bul_T though, is quite new to the televised pro scene and is clearly hoping to make a name for himself.

Both players start off with a standard 1 gate/gas tech build while scouting around the map. As both Protosses start being a pain in the ass with their scouting probes, JangBi starts researching goon range and warps in a robotics whilst Bul_T pretty much mimics him but is a bit slower.

But JangBi is clearly the more aggressive as he pressures his opponent with 2 goons but is forced to retreat as he is outnumbered. But again, both players now have reaver technology and in no doubt are eager to do some damage.

Once again JangBi decides to attack Bul_T who is now warping a nexus at his expansion but is also guarded by dragoons and a single reaver. After plenty amounts of goon soup, exploding scarabs and JangBi’s shuttle JUST managing to escape with the damaged reaver it seems like Bul_T is slowly gaining the economical advantage with 1 extra base.

But JangBi will not give his enemy a moments’ peace as he proceeds to destroy the neutral building that leads to the higher ground behind Bul_T’s main! But an observer had quickly alerted Bul_T who catches the pesky dragoons going up the ramp.

After some reaver micro, and Bul_T shuttleless reavers dealing a bit of damage JangBi has managed to go up the ramp and is now clearly to deal some major damage. Bul_T is prepared though as he had evacuated his frightened probes and deployed two reavers under his ramp.

In clearly what was a micro battle it was Bul_T who managed to emerge victorious as reinforcing dragoons managed to tidy up the invader. Both players are massing up quite nicely at this point and decide to confront each other on the open centre battle field. But now it’s JangBi’s turn to defend as he displays some pretty damn impressive reaver micro while retreating to the safety of his expansion.

And then it happens... The breaker move.

As Bul_T thinks “I’ve had enough of this joker” he pushes with a mass of dragoons while poor JangBi defends with few goons of his own and probes. But he had something else in his mind. A reaver drop, which promptly annihilated all the bunched up probes, freshly transferred from Bul_T’s expansion, whose main is now completely shut down!

JangBi now clearly has the advantage and attempts to climb up the backstabbing ramp again. But Bul_T is prepared with reavers and JangBi retreats for now, surely not for long. JangBi pushes out yet again but his 2-over-1 reavers give him the upper hand as Bul_t gets annihilated. Another small push and it’s game over for the newcoming Protoss.

Overall a pure goonreaver stalemate for most of game’s duration. Amazing micro, especially by JangBi.

JangBi vs YellOw[ArnC] @ Destination

So now it’s time for the winners to battle it out for advancement to the next stage. YellOw[ArnC] vs JangBi facing off on the 2 player map, with Zerg spawning at the bottom position and Protoss at top. YellOw[ArnC] seems to be up to his old tricks again as he slaps an early spawning pool, hoping to catch the fast-expanding Protoss offguard, while expanding himself. But JangBi is well prepared, as he has nicely positioned cannons already in place.

The Zerg cerebrate opts for a 3 hatch lair into spire build, which is, however, seen by the scouting probe before it is destroyed. JangBi is aggressive as always as he sends out a couple of zealots to do some damage, but they are countered by lings.

He then follows with the obligatory corsair and going for archive tech. Meanwhile, scourges are scattered around the map, hoping to snipe as many corsairs as possible.

At this point there has been little action but players are macroing up with YellOw[ArnC] switching to lurkers. The Protoss however are eager for blood and a small army of zealots attack the 2nd expansion despite a lurker and no detection. Nevertheless, they deal a crapload of damage to drones and zerglings before forced to hide in the bottom left corner.

After this minor battle JangBi goes for another expansion and YellOw[ArnC] is still massing up lurkerling, expanding and getting hive tech. As the Zergs’ natural is virtually impossible to break, JangBi decides to hit the nearby expansion but retreats as the uphill plateau is packed with sunkens and lurkers. Fake YellOw is clearly taking advantage of the map as he takes the right expansion guarding the small choke with lurkers.

JangBi notices this but is unable to react as his observers get scourged, buying the Zerg more time. By now, YellOw[ArnC] has defilers but he is inexplicably losing too many units which are scattered around the map. At this point, both players are poking each other, with JangBi dropping a few storms and YellOw trying to pick off the high templar. Eventually, the Protosss manages to demolish the new expansion despite dark swarm protection. YellOw reacts by dropping one of JangBi’s new expansions but fails as zealots run to defend.

But at the same time JangBi deals tons of damage, storming a group of drones. It seems that Yellows’ strat is to purely harass and drop, while JangBi is playing standard and is nicely massing up a huge force. Random groups of lings keep dying to the Protoss here and there.

It doesn’t look good for the Swarm. YellOw is relying on his defending tactics while teching to upgraded ultraling. But he failed at denting JangBi’s economy when the Protoss is on a storming spree and even throws reavers into the mix and a few corsairs for ovie-hunting!

But in a really sweet move, YellOw blocks the two ramps leading to JangBi’s natural with a couple of ultralisks under swarm and wrecks the nearby nexus with almost pure ultras.

He even kamikazes a small force of ultraling under swarm and kills off the other expansion at 2 oclock. Unfortunately for the Zerg however, he has failed to deal with the corsair threat, which have absolutely annihilated his overlords. Things come to a harsh end as the last ditch ultraling failed against the large archon, reaver, zealot, high templar force.

YellOw[ArnC] just played very sloppily with a mix of camping and losing too many units for almost no reason. JangBi played solid and rolled over him.

Flash vs Bul_T @ Destination

Flash vs Bul_T in a losers’ game for survival. Same map as before, Destination with Flash landing at bottom and Bul_T overlooking him from the north.

Flash opens with 1 factory into fast expansion meanwhile Bul_T sends off a single zealot from his 1 gate build and is going for robotics. Two dragoons and the zealot smash onto the ramp but the marines and one tank just prove too much for Bul_T to deal with. After that dogfight Flash is safely building on 2 bases while Bul_T reacts by getting an immediate second expansion, nicely blocking it off with a few pylons.

Flash does not want Bul_T to go out of control and pushes forward, leapfrogging around while making turrets. The bridges and chokes make the Terran push virtually impossible to break. After a couple of minutes Flash is already knocking on Bul_T’s door and the Protoss just crumbles. Flash has just too many units and the dragoon/zealot army evaporates. With no army left, Flash cracks him open like an egg. Such a simple game, it was scary.

Flash vs YellOw[ArnC] @ Athena

Flash clearly must be pissed off after losing his game vs YellOw. Surely he isn’t going to lose vs this Zerg? If he was able to take out Jaedong, YellOw[ArnC] is small-fry right?

Map is Athena, a 3 base map, with Flash at 2 o’clock and YellOw at 10. The Zerg decides to play standard while Flash goes for a suspicious 8 rax. Perhaps he wants to equally humiliate his opponent?

As YellOw continues his 2 hatch gas build he sends off a pack of ling but due to a small micro error loses a couple to the few marines. Nevertheless, he pushes forward and catches a glimpse of the building command centre and the gasless main, before dying to gauss rifle fire. He then rushes in with yet another force and nicely delays the academy, killing multiple SCVs.

As a scouting SCV sees the incoming mutas, Flash is not prepared and mutas could severely mess him up. But he barely hangs on with turrets and YellOw fails to capitalise on his brief advantage. He keeps on pumping mutas however, masses up and with 11 mutas the marines fall like wheat before the scythe. With amazing micro he effectively shuts down Flash’s main, even killing the comsat station.

Truly scary stuff, all from just a 2 hatch build. Scores and scores of marines just fall, one by one they blow up, spilling their innards on the thirsty earth. Flash is totally outmatched and YellOw is making the crowd and commentators go mental. After what seemed like total genocide, a mutaling push breaks the expansion and it’s over.


Overall, breathtaking performance by YellOw. He joins JangBi to the next round while Flash is probably still wondering what the hell just happened.

MSL ClubDay 2008
Group B
Flash< YellOw[ArnC]
JangBi> Bul_T
JangBi > YellOw[ArnC]
Flash> Bul_T
Flash< YellOw[ArnC]

Special thanks to nevake for uploading the VODS

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