eSports Award, two in a row for ToD?

Posted by Jonathan "stealthunter" Melançon at 25 July 2008 21:57

In 2007, ToD won the award given to a WarCraft 3 player. In 2008, he is still nominated but he is in category with top players, two from China and two more from South Korea.

On August 25th, Turtle Entertainment will launch the Annual event for gamers from all around the world, the eSports Awards, held in Leipzig, Germany.
On the Warcraft side, only 7 players have been nominated through 14 categories like eSports Team of the year, Newcomer/Breakthrough of the year and surely Warcraft 3 Player of the year. In this category, the nominees are: June "Lyn" Park and Jang "Moon" JaeHo from South Korea, Xiaofeng "Sky" Li and Xuwen "Infi" Wang from China and last year's winner Yoan "ToD" Merlo from France. Before ToD, Grubby won this award twice in a row in 2006 and 2005 as Sweet won the one of 2004.
But also, Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen from Netherlands is in the categorye eSports Player of the year alongside with another nomination for Moon and Sky. We also have Du-Seop Chang, known as WhO, nominated as the Newcomer/Breakthrough of the year.

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